Judetul Neamt, Romania

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         We are a group of promoters of Romanian culture and traditions and we are particularly fond of the Moldavian culture that we found in Neamt County.

         We endear the almost mystical atmosphere of these places, the hospitality of the people living here, their genuine faith and not the last, the beautiful wild natural landscapes.

Enjoy your virtual trip and have a good time, next time maybe as a tourist of Neamt County!

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Important to our users

 Why should you come to Neamt County and to our website ?

As a visitor you can find out more about Romania, its representative traditions and culture, you can see beautiful pictures of these places and you can exchange ideas and opinions on our blog. You may consider one day it's even worth visiting. As a tourist, you can breath the fresh mountain air (it's a completely unpolluted area), eat healthy food and accomodate comfortably at a low price at one of the numerous motels, chalets and hotels in Neamt! We will give you a complete picture of what a trip to the Neamt County should include and we can guarantee you won't get bored at all!

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