Judetul Neamt, Romania

Touristic Information Center "Gheorghe Iacomi" Piatra Neamţ

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District Museum Center of Neamţ County is consisting of 15 distinct units, which own an over 300.000 specimens and rarities patrimony (archaeology, numismatics, history, art, memoirs, ethnography, natural sciences). Its main competences are the coordination and supervising the activities of the museums and the departments, which have as an objective the administration, accounts, conservation, restoration, research and the scientific exploitation of the patrimony, the organizing of exhibitions and cultural activities, the visitors guidance, etc. Contact: Str. Mihai Eminescu nr. 10, 610029, Phone./Fax 0040 217496, 218108, 218270, e-mail muzeu.pneamt@csc.ro.



History Museum

History Museum Piatra Neamţ

Piatra Neamţ, 10 Mihai Eminescu st., 610029; phone./fax: 0040 233 217496 and 0040 233 218108. It was founded by priest Constantin Mătasă in 1934 and stores over 20.000 objects from the Stone Age until our days. The museum owns the most important collection in the country, which belongs to Cucuteni eneolithic civilization (ţhe 4th and 3rd millennium b.C), which was the last great civilization of ancient Europe. Also there are presented the traco-geto dacic civilisations of the region, the medieval habitat, aspects of local history from modern and contemporaneous epoch, the museum activity and temporary exhibitions.


Daily programme: 9.00-17.00(oct.-march); 10.00-18.00(apr.-sept.); Monday-closed.


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