Judetul Neamt, Romania

About Bicaz

It is a town in Neamţ County, Romania situated in the eastern Carpathian Mountains near the confluence of the Bicaz and Bistriţa Rivers and near Lake Bicaz, an artificial lake formed by a dam on the Bistriţa. Bicaz used to be a border town until 1918.

Before the construction of the Bicaz Dam and the cementfactory (1950s), Bicaz was just a small mountain village where the main economic activity was wood processing. By tradition, the tree trunks were linked together, forming a raft (pluta); a raftman (Romanian: plutaş) used to drive the raft on the Bistriţa river downstream to wood processing facilities in Piatra Neamţ.

The town is a point of departure toward the Ceahlău Massif and Bicaz Canyon (in Romanian: Cheile Bicazului), two important touristic destinations in Romania. The ski resort Durău is also located nearby.

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