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The Terrible 20 Century and its Horrors

  You can buy this book from Timpul editure. More opinions about this book are available only in romanian language on Monitorul de Neamt. Title: "The Terrible 20 Century and its Horrors" Author: Mihai DAVID-GHINDĂOANI Bookhouse: Timpul, Iaşi Preface by: Adrian Aluigheorghe Date of...

Free Book - Childhood Memories by Ion Creangă

  MEMORIES OF MY BOYHOOD (Childhood Memories) by Ion Creangă Translated by Ana Cartianu and R.C. Johnston Minerva Publishing House, Bucharest, 1978 Illustrations from Ion Creangǎ–Amintiri din Copilǎrie Redactor artistic: A. Zahareanu, Editura Tineretului, Bucureşti, ...

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